I have two grandkids in Leadership Taekwondo. Their confidence in their own abilities has grown. And they are actually happy to get out of the house and leave video games behind.

John Rasmussen


Master Heath takes time to really understand each child individually. She has helped improve the confidence of both of my children by allowing them to both succeed in their individual ways. She has taught them that it’s ok to fail, get back up and try again. This has allowed them to build self- esteem and confidence in themselves.



Leadership Taekwondo has turned my child from a shy kid who did not participate into a kid who actually goes up to other kids and starts up a conversation. He also volunteers for helping others and showing them how to do things. I thank Leadership Taekwondo for this change.

Elizabeth LeFevre

Mom and Student

Miss Heath is great with the kids. She keeps them active and working towards goals, all while keeping the “work” fun and engaging. Friendships are made at Leadership Tae Kwon Do- with parents and students! The adults class is also great fun! I feel more confident in self defense and have been able to work on strength without the normal “boring” workouts. Fun and valuable for all ages!

Jill Nigbur

Mom and Student