Age Specific Training

Why “Age Specific Training”

At Leadership Taekwondo we do “age-specific training”, but what does that mean?

Age specific training means that we understand that children of different ages learn differently and have diverse needs at taekwondo. As a result we divide our classes into smaller age groups than you would find in a typical martial arts facility.

  • Ages 3-4 for Early SKILLZ
  • Ages 5-6 for Basic SKILLZ
  • Ages 7-9 for Core SKILLZ
  • Ages 10-14 for Extreme SKILLZ
  • Ages 15+ for Infinite SKILLZ

Then, we design the curriculum for each program around the ages of the students within the program. We also develop the class plans, warm-ups, stretches, drills, and even games around the ages of the students. We utilize SKILLZ as our main method of doing this.

Each program has its own belt system and uniform that set it apart within our school and allow the students to feel a sense of accomplishment and identity.


4D Instruction

Students in our school benefit directly from 4D instruction. This means instruction based on their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. By training with peers at a similar stage-of-development we are able to hone in on the needs of the students in the class.

A 4-year old has different emotional needs than a 7-year old, a 6 year old is at a different stage intellectually than an 11-year old, and a 9-year old socializes differently than a 14-year old.

By dividing our classes into small age groups, we can ensure that each child gets what they need physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our very curriculum, class plans, drills, games, everything about our school is based on this concept.


How Does This Benefit Your Child?

When you contact our school about classes your first step will be to have your child take a “Pre-Evaluation”. This is a 10-15 minute private lesson with Master Heath where she will take your child through a series of 8-skills based on your child’s age. This professional assessment will determine whether your child is ready for our group class for their age group. It will also allow our school to get to know your child’s strengths as well as the areas we can best benefit him or her. Your child will never be placed into a class that is inappropriate for his or her stage-of-development!

Once you have joined our group classes you will see your child participate in well planned classes based around the actual needs of students in the class. The warm-up and stretching will be appropriate to the physical development of the students, the drills and curriculum will neither be too easy nor too difficult. The kids will be at a similar emotional and social development which will mean making friends and having fun together will come naturally as the instructor encourages and promotes positive social interaction.

In short, training at Leadership Taekwondo will be like no other. Here your child will receive true 4D instruction with a focus on physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth!

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